GreenBrilliance USA launches internally developed AI-based solar power optimizer

GreenBrilliance USA, a turnkey solar solution provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, has launched Neurobotz, an AI-based power optimizer for residential homes. Its predictive analytics algorithm creates an optimal load curve and controls the incoming power flow to drastically reduce the amount of electricity consumed in a home.

Neurobotz’s built-in Automated Demand Response (ADR) technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for advanced load curtailments. It helps protect valuable electrical equipment in your home from damage by spikes and surges. It increases the lifespan of lights, HVAC and other appliances reducing maintenance and equipment replacement cost. Its online/remote monitoring capability provides a detailed dashboard and reports equipment efficiency as well as provides predictive maintenance alerts.

“The frustration from the rising utility bills among a common American homeowner is rising day in and day out,” said Sumit Bhatnagar, president and CEO of GreenBrilliance USA. “The options to reduce the bills without making large investments like installing solar don’t quite exist. We get it, and thus we at GreenBrilliance had put our creativity and hard work into building Neurobotz.

“Neurobotz is going to revolutionize the way people look at energy management and smart homes,” Bhatnagar continued. “Its unique AI core and load management will enable customers to save thousands on their electricity bills. We hope to combine this internally developed technology with our solar residential EPC installations to deliver significantly increased offset to their electric utility bills or reducing the CAPEX on the solar installation.”

Neurobotz supports both indoor and outdoor installation and comes with more than 25 years of product lifespan and manufacturing warranty.

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