Solar-Log brings forecast-based battery charging to SPI

Solar-Log will showcase products across the entire residential and commercial segments at this year’s Solar Power International tradeshow at Booth 738. The company will also be offering live demonstrations of Amazon Alexa compatible voice monitoring and the newest energy management solutions including forecast-based storage charging.

Here are the new products Solar-Log is bringing to SPI:

Solar-Log 50 power management
Solar-Log made recent headlines in the U.S. with the launch of the Solar-Log 50, the gateway to simplified residential solar PV monitoring and home energy management. As part of the Solar-Log 50 launch, the first 50 attendees to visit the Solar-Log booth and participate in the promotion will receive a free Solar-Log 50 plus a 2-year Solar-Log WEB Enerest subscription. Supporting the product line’s commitment to energy management, the Solar-Log 50 will now include power management as a standard feature. With an added consumption meter, plant owners will be able to control how much power is fed into the grid.

Forecast-based battery charging
Solar-Log is steering the way to intelligence forecast-based battery charging. Based on the weather forecast and consumption analysis, the Solar-Log(R) energy management system determines the most effective charging times for the battery storage system. The battery charging is automatically controlled by the Solar-Log(R) with the goal of preventing generated energy from being wasted and having the battery 100% charged by the end of the day.

Alexa, how’s my solar plant?
Solar-Log Skill is now available in the Amazon Skill store. Plant owners and O&M providers can now monitor their solar plant performance through voice command. Future functionality will mean this smart solution can even suggest the best time for plant owners to run specific appliances based on production forecasts. Solar plant O&M providers will be able to prioritize critical performance errors among their fleets and orally request that emails be sent to their customers alerting them of the issues. SPI attendees can catch live demonstrations of this smart tool on the hour, every hour at booth 738.

EV charging station compatibility
Solar-Log is compatible with KEBA EV charging stations to optimize the use of self-produced power. This integration ensures that electric cars are always charged with the maximum amount of self-produced power available, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Even when there is not enough power available from a photovoltaic plant, the Solar-Log’s “Surplus/Minimum Charge” function can be set to keep the charging process running. This function ensures that your electric car always has a defined minimum charge regardless of the amount of power produced from the solar array. Electric cars will be charged beyond the defined minimum charge level when additional PV surplus power is available.

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