Sungrow supplies inverters for Wyoming’s first utility-scale solar plant

Sungrow announced it is supplying 80 MW of PV inverters for the first utility-scale solar project in Wyoming, which highlights Sungrow’s high recognition and strong brand influence in the North American PV market.

Wyoming, known for Yellowstone National Park, has strict regulations on the environmental protection. Once this project is completed, the 80-MW system can meet the daily electricity demand of local residents, reduce the dependence on gas and thermal power and improve energy structure effectively.

The plant is located in an unmanned area, with grid voltage usually fluctuating acutely, under extreme environmental conditions of extremely cold temperatures in winter and a sharp temperature difference in summer. These extremities require high reliability and easy maintenance for inverters. Sungrow’s high-quality PV inverters used in this project are rated at 2.75 MW and feature a turnkey solution for 1500-Vdc system. The inverters are able to perform with full power available from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius, efficiently generating power in harsh conditions. In addition, the turnkey solution with a central inverter and transformer significantly saves the cost for commissioning and installation, making it the ideal solution for this project, and maximizing the return on the investment.

“This project creates sustainable value for our customer and will provide clean renewable energy for thousands of Wyomingites for years to come, which underscores our leading position to provide PV solutions across the globe,” said professor Cao Renxian, chairman of Sungrow. “We will continue to leverage our expertise to accelerate the adoption of clean power across the entire globe.”

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