Urjanet launches new program to simplify solar customer acquisition

Urjanet announced the launch of the Urjanet Solar Quickstart program, a game-changing suite of web-based tools that simplify linking of customer utility accounts and provide on-demand access to residential and commercial electricity usage, cost, and demand from nearly 1,000 electric utilities across 26 countries. With this powerful new toolkit, solar providers can personalize and streamline their customer experience, accelerating solar sales and scaling their business growth.

Accenture’s latest New Energy Consumer research confirms: Customers want and expect products personalized to their needs — and they’re willing to share their information to get it. The renewable energy industry is no exception to the growing trend of hyper-relevance; customers engage best with personalized touchpoints and products tailored to their needs.

Urjanet’s Solar Quickstart program was developed with these needs in mind. Residential and commercial buyers can easily and securely share their utility bill history with solar providers to ensure accurate solar installation pricing and design based on their individual energy use and cost information. The Solar Quickstart program introduces two new tools:

  • Urjanet Connect: a plug-and-play UI toolkit enabling solar buyers to link their utility accounts directly from the utility to the solar provider – fully automated and secure, no paper or manual processes required.
  • Urjanet Console: an intuitive web portal for solar providers to monitor and access data in real time, with utility data available for instant viewing, CSV export, or PDF download.

The Solar Quickstart program is uniquely poised to help solve a longstanding barrier to widespread solar adoption. “The solar customer acquisition process is time-consuming and expensive,” says Sanjoy Malik, CEO of Urjanet. “By automating and streamlining a crucial part of the process, Urjanet can save time and money for both installers and consumers.”

As one of the first solar providers to glimpse the benefits of the Urjanet Solar Quickstart program, SolAmerica is excited to see its full impact on customer engagement and sales productivity. “Urjanet is bringing a manual and cumbersome process into the 21st century. We expect this solution to transform how we engage with our customers as we aim to provide them with the best possible experience,” says George Mori, president and co-founder of SolAmerica.

Urjanet’s fully automated solution provides easy access to utility data for solar installers and customers alike. With no development required, solar providers can get started with automated, secure, and on-demand electric bill information in minutes, delivering a seamless customer experience and accurate cost and ROI estimates to drive faster sales.

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