Trimark expands its customer care services

Trimark Associates, a provider of metering, SCADA, and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announces the expansion of its customer care services and its new name, the Trimark Operations Center (TOC). This reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to provide quality engineering services and support with its philosophy of “We’ll Be There” to do whatever is needed to solve even the most complex technical problems.

TOC’s all-encompassing service offerings include the following:

Services Agreements – Customers with Services Agreements get peace of mind with priority service and guaranteed response times. Trimark proactively monitors its customers’ equipment in real-time with proprietary systems, enabling the TOC to quickly recognize failures, identify root causes, and automatically trigger service tickets and/or customer notifications for quick issue resolution. Three levels of service are offered, including Gold Service for 24/7/365 support.

Routine Maintenance – Many Services Agreements include routine testing on advanced meters, SCADA and monitoring equipment, meteorological systems, and other system components related to the continued management and operation of solar sites. Trimark’s maintenance services improve equipment operating effectiveness and extend equipment life.

Field Services – Trimark’s experienced engineers and technicians troubleshoot and repair equipment in the field. They implement industry best practices, follow safety procedures, and ensure compliance requirements are met for even the most complex systems.

Operational Management – The TOC team provides a wide range of operational management services, including Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring and escalation, Performance Analysis, Risk Assessments, Change Management, and Network Security management. Trimark’s certified security engineers support advanced network configurations, troubleshooting, firewall support, and intrusion detection.

Data Management Services – Trimark provides meter data validation, estimating, and backfilling as needed for critical data, ensuring the data accurately represents the operation of the system. Trimark also designs, implements, and delivers complex data to meet even the most demanding analysis. The Data Services team annually processes data representing over $1 billion in energy transactions.

Utility and Commercial Scale PV O&M – Trimark offers a wide range of PV site Operations & Management (O&M) services, with continuous monitoring of plant equipment using Trimark’s T1-S Vantage system. Services include preventive maintenance, issue resolution, management reporting, warranty management, and vendor coordination.

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