SMA announces DC-coupled utility-scale storage solution

As the cost of solar-plus-storage continues to drop, many utilities are turning to PV instead of traditional power plants. To meet the market’s demand, SMA has introduced a new DC coupled storage solution ideal for utility-scale PV projects, and is now taking orders.

The new DC coupled storage solution is built for new PV plants, but it can also be used to retrofit existing PV plants for those operators who want to enjoy the benefits of solar+storage. In many utility-scale applications, DC coupling can offer significant operating cost and efficiency advantages over AC-coupled systems.

“With more than 60 GW of solar and one gigawatt of storage inverter capacity installed, SMA understands the value of the two core technologies. Building on that expertise, SMA has unique competence for pairing PV and batteries,” said Boris Wolff, executive VP for SMA’s Utility Business Unit. “Building a PV plant with storage, or adding storage to an existing PV plant, enables new business cases. Utilities will find many additional benefits when adding storage to their PV systems.”

The DC coupled storage solution consists of SMA’s Sunny Central EV-US line of inverters with a DC coupling ready option and up to six 500 kW SMA DC-DC Converters.

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