Cleveland Announces 100% Clean Energy Goal By 2050

On Thursday, the City of Cleveland became the first municipality in Ohio to commit to powering itself with 100% clean and renewable electricity, the Sierra Club has announced.

At Mayor Frank Jackson’s 10th Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit, the city’s Office of Sustainability released the 2018 Climate Action Plan, which contains a goal of “100 percent of electricity demand from clean, renewable energy by 2050.”

“This 100 percent commitment is an important springboard for building an energy economy in Cleveland that works for everyone,” says Jocelyn Travis, campaign coordinator for the Cleveland Ready for 100 campaign. “The Ready for 100 campaign looks forward to continuing to work with the city to ensure a transition to 100 percent renewable energy can benefit everyone in our city. The need for clean air, new family-sustaining jobs and affordable energy bills has never been greater. Cleveland should lead the state and the Midwest in accelerating a just and equitable transition. We look forward to continuing to partner with the city to realize our collective vision.”

“We congratulate the City of Cleveland in establishing a goal of powering our communities with 100 percent renewable electricity,” adds Yvonka Hall, executive director of the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition. “By making this commitment, the city is also committing to improving public health, with increased energy access and prosperity for all. This is just the beginning of a more sustainable future for all Clevelanders.”

The Climate Action Plan was informed by a 90-person Climate Action Advisory Committee consisting of leaders from community groups, including Cleveland Ready for 100. This helped the Office of Sustainability focus on “equity-driven sustainability and climate action,” says the Sierra Club.

The Climate Action Plan also includes other objectives, such as building solar installations on vacant and contaminated land, reducing residential and commercial energy use 50% by 2030, and developing a strategy to develop offshore wind in northeast Ohio, including furthering the Icebreaker Wind Project.

According to the Sierra Club, Cleveland joins 82 other cities across the nation committed to transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy.

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