Aurora releases software update with fully 3D solar design experience

Aurora Solar, an industry-leading solar design software company, released a new version of their software that dramatically increases the speed and simplicity of solar design, while offering support for multi-megawatt commercial solar projects.

Aurora Solar pioneered accurate remote solar design, which saves solar contractors time and money because they can design a custom solar PV system without physically visiting the project site. Over the last two years, with feedback from over a thousand solar installers, Aurora has rebuilt its solar design software from the ground up.

Aurora incorporated state-of-the-art graphics technology to deliver an order-of-magnitude increase in computing speed and a simpler interface. The update combines Aurora’s industry-leading accuracy with lightning-fast speed, greater simplicity, and support for larger solar projects. Learn more here.

Key highlights

10X performance upgrades for multi-megawatt, commercial-scale solar projects
The ability to simulate the solar energy production of a PV system while designing, allowing real-time assessment of design choices

A fully 3D design experience, with seamless transitions between different perspectives of the project site
Automated tools to assist solar designers in determining the optimal wiring (stringing) configuration for connecting solar panels to inverters

Support for significantly larger, multi-megawatt solar projects
Enhanced “fill zone” functionality which automatically optimizes solar panel locations to maximize the number that fit within an available space

“This new redesign for Aurora makes it an even better tool for our team! The ease-of-use was incredible and minimized our designers’ learning curve… The ability to operate with full functionality in 3D streamlines adjustments to site design and system layouts.”-Robert Shaw, SolarTech
“Just when you think it can’t get any better-BAM-the redesign of Aurora comes out. It’s easy to use, looks great, and speeds up the design process,” said Donovan Pundt, Positive Solar.

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