Eguana’s Evolve energy storage system now available through Swell Energy

Eguana Technologies and Los Angeles-based Swell Energy are pleased to announce the Evolve residential energy storage system is now available through Swell Energy.

The introduction of the Evolve system will expand the product offering on Swell’s distributed energy resource (DER) platform. To date, Swell Energy has built a pipeline of over 35 MWh of residential energy storage projects in California, which it is assembling into a virtual power plant to deliver grid services. Swell’s virtual power plant will include more than 2,500 homes across California, making this the largest fleet of home batteries in North America providing grid services.

“A diversified product portfolio is critical in the residential energy storage business. The addition of the Eguana Evolve will provide Swell’s customers, installers, and utilities an advanced, new product option,” said Andrew Meyer, head of grid services at Swell. “Our team is already experienced with the Eguana system so it is a natural fit to include it in our product portfolio and extend the offering to our network of partners.”

“Swell Energy is the Californian leader in the aggregated residential energy storage market creating an ideal opportunity for Eguana to expand into another critical market segment,” said Livio Filice, Eguana’s director of residential sales, North America. “Having the Evolve product available with Swell significantly expands our sales reach on the west coast ensuring our products are available to homeowners and quality contractors in the Swell stable. And by working with Swell, our systems will be used to provide grid services to utilities, realizing the full potential of the Evolve system.

Swell Energy and several of their partners have already completed installations of Eguana’s AC battery system in California. Evolve product certification training is scheduled to take place over the next two months with new installations expected to occur later this year.

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