Darfon rolls out new hybrid inverter and batteries at SPI

Darfon is showcasing its series of energy storage products at Solar Power International 2018. This line-up of energy storage products includes a new hybrid inverter and battery products, as well as, upgraded features to its current hybrid inverter models.

“There has been a lot of interest and demand in our H5001 hybrid inverter, but we realize that it does not fulfill everyone’s energy storage requirements. To better serve the market, we added a new stacking feature to our hybrid inverters and are releasing a new AC-coupled hybrid inverter and new batteries,” said Frank O’Young, Darfon associate VP.

The HB51 is Darfon’s latest hybrid inverter that can be AC-coupled with existing PV systems, either with string or micro inverters, to allow continuous use during utility outage. To facilitate easy installation, the HB51’s distribution box includes quick disconnect terminals, DC and battery disconnects, AC breakers, battery connectors and optional generator contractor. The HB51 supports a wide range of applications, including Peak shaving, AC coupled, Backup, TOU with or without feed-in, and Remote Communication.

The H5000/H5001 hybrid inverter has been optimized through firmware to increase output and overload power. The continuous power output to the load is now 7 kW when the grid is present and 5.5 kW when the grid is absent. The H5000/H5001 can now also handle overloads for 240 V of 9.6 kW for 20s when the grid is present.

Darfon has two new battery products. The B07LF is a 7kWh wall-mounted LFP battery and the B10LF is a 9.7kWh LFP battery cabinet. The B07LF and B10LF are bundled with the H5001 as the H300 series and with the HB51 as the H500 series. Up to four units of the B07LF can be installed together for a maximum capacity of 28kWh. With the B10LF, three units can be installed together for a maximum capacity of 29 kWh.

Both the H5000 and HB5 feature a stacking ability where the system can be configured to fit the site’s specific demands. If 5.5 kW or less is needed when off the grid, then you can use a single hybrid inverter. Stacking two hybrid inverters will get you 11 kW continuous and 15 kW surge power. If that is not enough, you can stack yet another hybrid inverter for 16.5kW of continuous power. Stacking does not only increase the amount of power, it also increases energy storage capacity. Each hybrid inverter has its own charging capability and can be controlled to work together, so you can incrementally add power and storage in parallel at the same time.

The H5000 and H5001 are available now through authorized distributors. The HB5, HB51, B07LF and B10LF will be available in Q4 2018.

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