CT Manufacturer Impact Plastics Goes Solar

Impact Plastics, a custom sheet extrusion company based in Putnam, Conn., recently completed the installation of a rooftop solar system.

Dynamic Energy Solutions LLC, a full-service solar solutions provider, designed and built the project, totaling 375 kW and comprising 1,172 solar panels. Impact Plastics participated in Connecticut’s Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit solar incentive program.

“This project demonstrates that solar represents not only a terrific business decision that eliminates a variable overhead cost and provides significant savings that go right to the bottom-line but is a decision that also creates a meaningful environmental impact,” says Timothy Carr, vice president of business development at Dynamic Energy. “Impact Plastics is a homegrown American manufacturer that will now make the sun an asset for years to come, and we commend their innovative leadership on taking this exciting step.”

The system is estimated to generate 451,876 kWh of electricity for use at the facility in the first year alone. Over 25 years, energy cost-savings are estimated to be $1.5 million.

David Kingeter, president of Impact Plastics, adds, “Reducing our carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuel continues to be our highest priority. Sustainable initiatives such as the integration of solar energy to support our Putnam facility further enhances our position that Impact Plastics Putnam is likely the most sustainable custom sheet facility in North America.”

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