OhmConnect awards more than $2.5 million to California users this summer

OhmConnect announced that the company has concluded its first-ever MEGA Summer campaign, awarding more than $2.5 million to California residents in just three months for saving energy at critical energy-heavy usage times. During this campaign, OhmConnect saw a total reduction of 500 MWh of energy by over 100,000 participants–the equivalent of 2,000,000 trees being planted or 207 tons of trash recycled instead of being dumped in a landfill.

OhmConnect is focused on incentivizing its users to conserve energy when power grids are stressed, and in turn returning the cost savings back to these environmentally conscious consumers. Its MEGA Summer campaign was designed to help California cope with one of the hottest summers recorded in the state’s history. The program was successful in helping California avoid any blackouts due to an overtaxed grid.

“Our goal with our MEGA Summer was to help Californians understand they are able to take action on climate change–all through a fun, gamified experience that motivates and rewards saving energy during meaningful moments through the summer months,” said Curtis Tongue, CMO & founder of OhmConnect. “Since starting the MEGA Summer, our customers saved energy equivalent to four dirty power plants running for three months.”

In addition to savings for all participants in the campaign, the company also offered large cash rewards for meeting personal energy goals in a particular week, making them eligible for a weekly drawing for a cash prize of $5,000. Any user who hit their goal for three or more weeks over the course of the summer were entered to win the $100,000 Grand Prize. Just this week, one of our customers based in San Jose was awarded the MEGA Grand Prize of $100,000. When asked what the winner will do with her new-found windfall, she told OhmConnect that there are several charities she is interested in donating to.

“Our customers did an amazing job of not only reducing their energy use when it mattered most, but they also brought their friends, families, and communities to participate in the MEGA Summer campaign,” said Curtis Tongue. “We are learning more about our customers every day and it’s been fun to see them become so enthusiastic about conserving energy individually and making huge impacts collectively.”

California is an energy conservation trendsetter amongst states, known for progressive environmental policies. However, despite aggressive efforts to protect the environment, the past few summers in California have been some of the hottest ever recorded, stressing state power supplies. In preparation for another record-breaking, hot summer, OhmConnect created MEGA Summer as a way to engage California residents to naturally help the state conserve energy during the hottest summer months. As Fall arrives and cooler temperatures prevail, the campaign will evolve into an ongoing campaign and we will continually find ways to reward our customers and community for saving energy when it matters the most.

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