Solar Completed At School In ‘Heart Of Coal Mining Country’

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. has completed the installation of a 32 kW solar system in Sophia, W. Va., in partnership with Walker Machinery and Whayne Supply, Caterpillar dealers serving Kentucky, West Virginia, southeastern Ohio and southern Indiana.

The roof-mounted solar system was installed at the new Raleigh County Elementary School. It represents another successful installation this year for Solar Alliance’s Channel Partner Program.

“Sophia is the heart of coal mining country in West Virginia, with a unique demographic compared to the rest of America,” states Jason Bak, CEO of Solar Alliance. “There is an aging, highly skilled workforce, trained in coal mining, with skills directly transferable to the solar industry. We plan for projects like these to illustrate how communities can diversify and transition to other energy opportunities.”

“The solar project at the new Raleigh County Elementary School provides clean, renewable electricity at a competitive cost,” adds Harvey Abouelata, commercial vice president at Solar Alliance. “Our team has been working with Walker Machinery and Whayne Supply on several projects, and we are excited to continue building on this successful relationship as we source new opportunities together. Our Channel Partner Program is delivering a steady pipeline of projects across several states, and we are seeing a positive impact on our revenue stream.”

Solar Alliance and Whayne Supply also recently worked together on a 34.5 kW solar array in Louisville, Ky., which is installed on the roof of the Archdiocese of Louisville’s pastoral center; a 35 kW solar array installed on the roof of the Hillside Theater in Hazard, Ky.; and a residential solar system also in Hazard.

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