Vivint to assist with solar install for net-zero home on 40th season of "This Old House"

Vivint Solar will be featured on the 40th season of the iconic home renovation show “This Old House” on PBS. Vivint Solar designed and installed a custom solar energy system as part of a renovation project to transform a 1920s shingled cottage located in Rhode Island into a net-zero home. Vivint Solar Chief Technology and Information Officer Mark Trout will appear on the show, alongside other Vivint Solar team members, to help viewers understand the benefits of a solar-powered home.

“Rooftop solar is the foundation for homeowners to achieve a healthier home and community through the unique benefits of clean energy,” said Vivint Solar CEO David Bywater. “We’re honored to be a part of this unique collaboration and help realize this project’s ambitious vision of a net-zero possible home.”

Donald Powers, president and founder of Union Studio Architecture and Community Design and owner of the home, partnered with “This Old House” and Sweenor Builders to utilize sustainable technologies and building practices during the renovation. The Jamestown Net-Zero House features a 5.5-kW, 18-PV panel system from Vivint Solar. Achieving a net-zero home in which a home produces as much energy as it consumes becomes an ongoing goal for the Powers family based on how they live and use energy within the house. In addition to the solar energy system installed by Vivint Solar, the home features a heat-recovery HVAC system, layers of insulation, Energy Star appliances, triple-glazed argon-filled windows and LED lighting, which all work together to support the net-zero goals of the Powers family.

“Having designed and built communities of net-zero homes for others, I was excited to experience this cutting-edge way of living for myself and my family,” said Powers. “We’re thrilled that Vivint Solar was willing to help us power our home with clean, renewable energy and showcase this eco-friendly lifestyle to a national audience.”

Bywater concluded, “Growing up, my family had a home renovation business, and we always drew creative inspiration from the many episodes of ‘This Old House’ that we watched together. It is a thrill and an honor to lend Vivint Solar’s clean energy expertise to this wonderful net-zero home project and show. I hope our efforts on behalf of ‘This Old House’ will help inspire the next generation of home renovators to see what’s possible with solar energy and green building in their future projects.”

The new season of “This Old House” premieres on PBS on October 4.

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