Stockton, California, solar installation company is giving away a solar power system in contest

Stockton, California-based SunPower by The Solar Quote announced that the company is giving away another solar panel system to one lucky homeowner. The second annual Extreme Solar Makeover is now open to all California homeowners.

Through this giveaway, SunPower by The Solar Quote is focused on promoting sustainable, low-cost power and spreading the word about the benefits of solar, all while helping one homeowner reduce their power bills with a free residential solar panel system.

“After seeing how much last year’s winner, Betty Cousins, has benefited from a solar power system, we couldn’t wait to help another family save on electricity costs with solar,” said Robert Posten, CEO of SunPower by The Solar Quote. “Solar can be a confusing industry, but our Extreme Solar Makeover gives us a unique opportunity to demonstrate how homeowners can save significant money on their power bills with the right technology and installation partner.”

With the company’s continued expansion in the Central Valley, SunPower by The Solar Quote plans on running this yearly contest well into the future.

“This is the perfect way to both give back to the community and help locals lower their power bills with sustainable electricity,” Posten concluded.

To enter the contest for the Extreme Solar Makeover, go to during the month of October. The winner will be selected during the week of November 5, 2018.

News item from SunPower by The Solar Quote

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