Dominion Seeks Input On 3 GW Solar And Wind Plans

Dominion Energy is seeking information from non-residential customers about their interest in renewable energy. The input will help the company finalize plans to develop 3 GW of additional solar and wind power under Virginia’s new Grid Transformation & Security Act (GTSA).

“We welcome the opportunity to learn more about the renewable energy targets and goals of business and governmental customers across the state,” says Corynne Arnett, vice president of customer service.

The GTSA, which became law on July 1, paves the way for the largest increase of renewable energy resources in the state’s history, explains Dominion. During the first phase of the grid transformation plan, the company pledges to have 3 GW of new solar and wind energy – enough to power 750,000 homes – under development or in operation by 2022.

Dominion Energy is issuing a request for information survey that seeks feedback from commercial, industrial and governmental customers in the state. The survey can be accessed here.

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