Energy Advisor Hub launches Solar Yellow Pages website to connect homeowners with solar experts

Energy Advisor Hub, a solar e-commerce conglomerate, announced the launch of the, an online platform that connects California homeowners with solar experts free of charge.

Through the Solar Yellow Pages, homeowners gain free access to guidance and expertise from a team of local Advisors, who counsel them on selecting the best vendors, manufacturers, contractors, roofers, lenders and other service providers. This innovative system decentralizes the solar installation process and creates competition in a sector where there are very limited choices and price ranges, representing a true benefit for home and business owners.

“When installing solar panels on a home, the three most important factors are the quality, dependability and cost-effectiveness of the installer,” says Amir Salahi, founder and CEO of Energy Advisor Hub. “The Hub thoroughly vets every solar installer listed in the Solar Yellow Pages, so homeowners can rest assured they are selecting proven experts in the industry. With the help of our expert Advisors, homeowners now have an advocate who will shop around, create competition, price compare and even help compare financing solutions and coordinate the project. Our goal is to help homeowners go solar affordably and with confidence.”

The Solar Yellow Pages offer two levels of qualified solar providers, using a stringent evaluation process that includes qualifications from solar lenders and financiers, reviews from homeowners, on-site visits to sample installs, Better Business Bureau ratings and the company’s business history. Advanced Installers meet all of these qualified solar provider requirements, and Featured Installers offer an additional minimum 10-year warranty and 25-year production guarantee.

“The traditional solar industry was built upon an antiquated, asset-heavy business model that offered limited choices and reduced competition and quality while driving up the price of solar,” says Chris Gregory, VP of sales at Solar Yellow Pages. “With the Solar Yellow Pages, we aim to decentralize the industry, empowering independent providers through collaboration and helping to make solar more affordable for California homeowners.”

The Solar Yellow Pages service area includes all of southern California, with a high concentration of service providers located in Los Angeles County. Homeowners can search the Solar Yellow Pages based on a provider’s service area, language, licensing and more, and request a call or quote from providers that match their search criteria. To access the Solar Yellow Pages, visit

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