Clean energy supporters push for 50% renewables in Nevada

Homeowners Leora Olivas & Howard Watts on their new solar system, installed by 1 Sun Solar Electric.

Question 6 on Nevada’s November ballot will increase the amount of solar and other renewable energy sources powering the state to 50% by 2030. Clean energy supporters gathered to highlight the economic and health benefits of the measure and to urge Nevadans to vote yes on Question 6. At the event, campaign leaders also released a new report finding that, if passed, Question 6 will create more than 11,000 jobs in and generate $1.5 billion in economic activity in Nevada.

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“Solar energy has the power to create jobs everywhere the sun shines, and here in sunny Nevada solar is already putting more than 6,500 Nevadans to work. It’s exciting that the people of Nevada will have the opportunity to vote YES for more of these good local jobs, affordable energy and a brighter future at the ballot with Question 6,” said Jessica Scott, interior west director for the Vote Solar Action Fund.

The event was held at the site of an in-progress residential solar installation, providing a real-world example of the kinds of energy bill savings and good local jobs that clean energy is already delivering for Nevada. Homeowners Leora Olivas and Howard Watts cite solar’s impressive recent cost declines as a major reason for their investment in renewable power.

“We looked into going solar when we moved in, but couldn’t afford it. Prices fell so fast that six years later we can get more solar power for 30% less, and the savings will more than pay for our new solar energy system,” said Las Vegas homeowner Howard Watts. “We have so much sunshine here, and each year solar becomes a better investment. We care about Nevada and want to do our part to make sure it’s a great place to live for future generations. That’s why we’re going solar, and that’s why we’re supporting Question 6 to expand all Nevadans’ access to affordable, reliable and clean power.”

“At 1 Sun Solar Electric, we are proud to to have built a small business that’s dedicated to building a brighter energy future for our customers and to creating good careers so that our employees can support their own families. Question 6 would put big and small businesses alike on the firm footing we need to grow and build a thriving local economy and workforce for years to come,” said Louise Helton, owner and executive of Las Vegas-based solar installation company 1 Sun Solar Electric.

Increasing Nevada’s use of renewable energy will also improve health, particularly for children, seniors and low-income communities that suffer most from asthma attacks, respiratory and heart disease, cancer and other harmful effects of burning fossil fuels.

“Our fossil-fueled energy system releases sulfur, mercury and other harmful pollutants that have a terrible impact on the health of our communities and our environment. We all have a right to clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Voting yes on Question 6 is a vote for good health, especially for our children and future generations,” said Pastor Ralph Williamson of the Faith Organizing Alliance.

“With prices for renewables dropping and more states seeing economic opportunities around building clean energy industries, the technology has received more support from both political parties,” says Annette Magnus, executive director for Battle Born Progress.

News item from Vote Solar Action Fund

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