Where can I compare solar panel prices online?

Homeowners around the country are discovering the cost-effective, environmentally-friendly benefits of solar power for homes. Between 2006 and 2016, residential solar power installations in the United States increased by an average rate of 59% each year.

One of the largest costs associated with new residential installations is the cost of the solar panels themselves. Quality, geographical location, and the brand of the panels all affect the bottom line.

With a little research, consumers can find affordable, high-quality panels for their home power systems and here is how to go about it.

Where Can I Compare Solar Panel Prices Online?

The internet makes shopping for solar panels simple. Consumers can find prices and compare technical specifications with these easy-to-use online tools.

  • Find the average costs of solar panels in your state on either SolarReviews or Solar-Estimate.org. Click on your state’s name to see a breakdown of average solar panel costs by county and city. Another way to see the solar cost is to use the solar cost calculator. The advantage of doing this is that it tells you what size system you need and then just shows local prices from solar providers near you on the right sized system.
  • This collection of solar panel calculators will help you calculate the number of panels you need, how much power your property can produce, how much roof space you need, your likely monthly solar payment and other information to help you make your decision.
  • Want to compare prices to make sure you are getting the best possible deal? Complete your personal information at the end of the solar cost calculator to get solar quotes from an installation company in your area.

Why Is Solar-Estimate The Best Choice Of Solar Cost Calculator For Those Seeking To Compare Solar Prices?

All online solar panel calculators are limited in accuracy by the amount of information you enter into them. Most solar panel calculators only require you to enter a single monthly power spend, and from this, it creates an estimate of your usage. However, such estimates are not that accurate.

To get accuracy, you need to speak to a solar company and to give them detailed copies of your bills. From there a solar representative will give you an accurate and customized solar estimate that you can rely on. The beauty of solar-estimate is that you can start with this simple estimate and then flow through if you wish (by completing your personal profile and requesting solar quotes) to receiving accurate solar quotes from the pre-screened solar companies in the solar-estimate marketplace without you needing to re-enter information.

Reduce your research time and find the best deals with online tools.

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