China-based DAS Solar to manufacture Solaria modules for distribution in Asian markets

Solaria announced today that the company has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with DAS Solar.

Pursuant to the agreement, DAS will be able to produce high efficiency modules–incorporating Solaria’s proprietary technology– for sale in Asia and other international markets.

“Industry-wide, Solaria is being recognized by companies such as DAS Solar for its technology innovations and shingling advancements featured in its high performance PowerXT solar module,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “We’re proud that DAS Solar has joined the roster of outstanding OEM licensees deploying Solaria’s proprietary technology for mass module production in Asia and other international markets. Thanks to economies of scale, DAS will be able to help accelerate the global effort to lower module costs, while enhancing the performance and profitability of solar power systems.”

“DAS Solar is thrilled to be licensing Solaria’s broad -based patent portfolio in module technology, enabling us to deploy advanced photovoltaic manufacturing technologies for mass production,” said chairman and CEO Liu Yong. “This agreement will enable us to develop outstanding solar solutions and high-efficiency modules globally, bringing PV shingling technology to full mass production – speeding solar’s deployment as a mainstream energy technology.”

Solaria’s PowerXT is currently available in the United States and globally, through select distributors.

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