Alencon to start shipping new higher-powered SPOT model next year

Alencon Systems is set to begin shipments of the SPOT Version 6–its newest model of its family of SPOTs or String Power Optimizer and Transmitters–in the first quarter of 2019. The SPOT family of products is a PV string level DC-DC optimizer and includes models for accepting inputs from 600, 1,000 and 1,500-V PV arrays. The SPOT uses a unique, patented, galvanic isolated approach to PV string level power optimization which allows the unit to output virtually any level of voltage relative to its input voltage.

The new SPOT V6 features a number of enhancements to previous versions that make it even more versatile and cost effective to deploy. The SPOT V6 includes the ability to have one output for each PV input, which can make deploying the device in PV retrofit applications much easier and more cost effective. The new version also features enhanced thermal performance for a variety of climates as well as a new mechanical configuration that allows each SPOT to be installed in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the SPOT V6 now allows much more flexible communications options that can be both wired or wireless and is developed to the most modern cyber security standards available today.

“The dynamics in the alternative energy field are fueling ever greater demand for our unique, galvanically isolated DC-DC conversion technology,” says Alencon Systems president Hanan Fishman. “These drivers include increasing demand for the DC-coupling of solar+storage, the need to extend the useful life of existing PV fleets, particularly as key components like inverters need to be replaced or augmented as well as the rise in interest in deploying more resilient microgrids.

“The SPOT Version 6 has been developed to meet this growing demand in a way that provides Alencon’s customers the highest degree of flexibility and reliability in a cost-effective manner.”

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