Enphase Energy starts program to upgrade legacy microinverters to the latest technology

Enphase Energy announced that over 1,000 homeowners have joined the Enphase Upgrade Program, a program that gives homeowners several options for upgrading to the latest, more efficient and reliable seventh-generation microinverter technology from Enphase. The program is for warranty holders of legacy Enphase microinverters and represents the company’s commitment to quality and service. Participation is optional and Enphase continues to stand by the warranties for products in the field.

“As a longtime Enphase solar installation contractor, we are excited about supporting both existing and new customers on their paths to upgrading their solar systems to the latest Enphase technology through this program,” said Chaz Mathias, co-owner and COO of First Response Solar. “This is a great opportunity for us to improve the experience some of the earliest Enphase customers have with clean home energy. We’re getting enthusiastic responses from all kinds of homeowners who have chosen to participate in the upgrade program.”

“I was psyched when Enphase first approached us about upgrading to their latest technology for our seven-year-old solar system,” said Mark Obergfell, a Santa Rosa, California homeowner. “Enphase introduced us to Chaz, and he’s helped us breathe new life into our solar system with new micros we now also have the peace of mind of a new warranty. I’ve never seen a company offer this kind of program for a major home appliance, but I think more of them should, especially when it comes to new, cutting-edge products.”

The Enphase Upgrade Program is a close collaboration between Enphase, homeowners and solar installation contractors around the country. Enphase reaches out directly to eligible homeowners and upon confirmation, pairs up the homeowner with a local solar installation contractor. Since the commercial introduction of the first Enphase Microinverter in 2008, the company has made significant advancements in microinverter design, efficiency and reliability. Tens of millions of test-cycle hours have advanced product performance and reliability to best-in-class levels. Program details are available in Enphase installer and homeowner webinars.

“A major side effect of solar installation companies exiting the business is that it leaves customers in the lurch, without support for their systems,” said Stephen Pelton, co-owner of EcoSmart Home Services. “Since EcoSmart is an Enphase installation contractor, Enphase is now introducing us to these homeowners through the upgrade program, and we have the pleasure of introducing them to the latest generation of solar products. It also helps that Enphase offers participating installers a two-year window during which they will reimburse us for rolling a truck and replacing an upgraded micro, should one fail; that’s a fair policy.”

“Enphase is one of many Silicon Valley companies with a history of delivering groundbreaking innovation,” said JD Dillon, VP of marketing of Enphase Energy. “We want to show our appreciation to the homeowners who embraced our products early on and reward them for placing their bets with us. I’m proud that Enphase is now able to offer this service program on a broad scale.”

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