Solar installer Freedom Forever expands to Colorado market

Freedom Forever, a California residential solar energy installer, recently named one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine, announced its expansion into Colorado. Founded in 2011, Freedom Forever currently serves customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. The solar installer has selected Colorado as its next market because of the large growth potential for solar energy in that state, due to its climate and solar-friendly regulatory environment. With solar energy production expected to reach over 1800 MW in the next five years according to SEIA, Freedom Forever is confident that Colorado is on track to be a leading solar state.

“We are thrilled to begin serving residential solar customers in Colorado, a state that is primed to be an ideal location for solar projects and a market ripe with opportunity for residential solar energy,” said Brett Bouchy, CEO of Freedom Forever. “At Freedom Forever, we are committed to a service-first model for delivering solar energy that puts the customer at its center and maximizes their return on investment in a home solar system. As a fast-growing company, Colorado was a natural fit as we seek to expand our footprint in markets where solar is in demand and homeowners are looking for a long-term partner for their renewable energy needs.”

Freedom Forever will serve as a solar contractor and installer for homes across Colorado. Home solar systems are increasingly in demand, due to a decrease in installation fees and the potential energy cost-saving opportunities for consumers. Freedom Forever brings a unique approach to home solar that prioritizes ownership, return on investment and reliable long-term support designed to increase home value. Freedom Forever offers a 25-year production guarantee that ensures all installed systems meet or exceed kWh production for 25 years. As part of this guarantee, Freedom Forever not only services solar systems as needed, but they will also compensate homeowners for non-production.

Recently, Freedom Forever took its customer-centric philosophy one step further with a public commitment to absorb all cost increases that come as a result of recent tariffs on solar panels and power inverters that have raised the overall cost of solar energy systems over the past year. This bold move was taken due to a commitment to ensuring solar affordability, growing the adoption of renewable energy across the United States and continuing to cultivate consumer demand for home solar.

“As Freedom Forever seeks to expand its footprint, Colorado represents one of the most attractive markets for us–a state with the right policies in place to encourage the adoption of solar power, a population looking for green energy solutions and an environment currently underserved by innovative solar installers,” said Jessica Sumikawa, executive vice president & chief legal officer at Freedom Forever. “We look forward to becoming a key part of the next chapter of energy generation in Colorado and helping to foster a market for clean power across the state.”

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