Renu Energy Solutions is installing donated SunPower system for disabled veteran in North Carolina

Local disabled veteran Angela Cherico and her family are the first recipients of a nearly complete home built by Purple Heart Homes in Denver, North Carolina, that will come equipped with a SunPower solar system. Donated by SunPower and installed by Renu Energy Solutions, the system will provide Cherico with greater energy independence, lower electric bills, and added peace of mind.

Installers with Renu Energy Solutions complete the solar project.

“My daughter and I will have two of the most important things: stability and security,” said Cherico, whose service experience included two deployments to Iraq. While in Iraq, exposure to burn-pits may be responsible for her ongoing breathing problems, complicated further by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and back and neck pain.

Thanks to local solar energy company Renu Energy Solutions installing SunPower solar panels on the home, Cherico and her family can enjoy lower electricity bills. By spending less on utility costs, the Chericos will have more freedom in their budget for other important things. Plus, they’re happy to have access to clean, renewable energy.

This Purple Heart Home now features solar for low electric costs.

Reducing monthly energy costs is already a goal for Purple Heart Homes. Energy-efficient appliances and good insulation are standard for the organization. However, this project marks the first Purple Heart Home in North Carolina to go solar. Renu Energy Solutions company president Jay Radcliffe says of the partnership, “We’ve been installing solar since 2010 and have seen many satisfied customers. But being able to give back through Purple Heart Homes to someone who has made tremendous sacrifices is really special.”

Renu Energy Solutions, a Charlotte-based solar installation contractor, installed the SunPower-donated solar energy system at no cost to Angela Cherico, the future homeowner. A solar rebate from Duke Energy helped bring solar to this home. This solar incentive from the utility remains available throughout 2019 and has no income limits to qualify.

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