Hecate Energy completes 3-MW solar project on Rhode Island landfill

Hecate Energy and CME Energy marked the completion of the second Forbes Street Landfill Solar Projects with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Forbes Street Solar Project II (FSSPII), is the second of two projects the developers have jointly completed at the site. Like the first project, FSSPII is capable of generating 3 MW of PV energy. Based upon its size and the site’s solar exposure, it is expected to produce approximately 5.35 GWh of electricity annually, enough energy to serve nearly 500 Rhode Island households.

“Hecate Energy is proud to bring its cutting-edge energy expertise to another pioneering solar project that supplies clean, renewable energy to East Providence and Rhode Island consumers,” said Preston Schultz, a director of development with Hecate Energy. “These are the types of energy solutions we need to solve our mounting energy and environmental challenges. This project builds on the successful portfolio of similar solutions-based solar projects Hecate is advancing across the country.”

The first Forbes Street Solar project was completed in December, 2013, and serves customers of Narragansett Electric Company, a subsidiary of National Grid. It was built on a capped parcel of land that served as the city’s landfill until 1979. Re-purposing the site toward a productive use was the impetus behind Hecate’s and CME’s initial involvement.

“CME is proud to partner with Hecate in creating another leading-edge renewable energy project that optimizes the issues it addresses. FSSPII creates a new source of clean energy for consumers; utilizes property that has few other productive uses; creates new revenue streams for the City and helps protect our planet,” said William Martin, CME Energy President.

FSSPII was recently recognized by Grow Smart Rhode Island as an outstanding Smart Growth Project, which described the project as “an excellent example of reusing developed and disturbed sites for renewable energy, while avoiding the loss of RI’s natural resources.” The first Forbes Street Solar project received the 2015 Rhode Island Clean Energy Future Award and was named the best renewable project in the state.

“By repurposing a closed landfill to generate clean energy, the Forbes Street Solar Project is a smart use of space and serves as an example for others to follow,” said state energy commissioner Carol Grant. “This project will contribute to the governor’s goal to grow Rhode Island’s clean energy supply ten-fold–1 GW–by 2020 and help us to further reduce our state’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

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