Sunfolding trackers selected for 39-MW California solar project

Sunfolding announced that the company was selected to supply its Sunfolding T29 tracker for a 39-MW solar project in California. The project is part of a larger portfolio with one of the top US EPC providers and adds to the rapidly growing number of utility-scale projects in which the Sunfolding T29 is deployed.

Sunfolding’s T29 single-axis tracking device will be deployed on a 39-MW solar project in California.

“We are pleased to see that word is spreading quickly about our installation speed, which is at least two times faster than traditional trackers,” said Jurgen Krehnke CEO of Sunfolding. “Installation speed makes a huge difference for our customers’ financial calculations. With simplicity and durability hand in hand, Sunfolding’s next-to-zero maintenance requirements will continue to create value during the lifetime of the plant. It is this level of systemic advantages that really sets our technology apart and drives fast adoption.”

The Sunfolding T29 uses proven technology and production methods from the automotive industry, and has three components, where traditional trackers have 21 or more. The simple design of the T29 means that project developers can reduce construction timelines along with associated labor and install costs. The tracker’s fewer components translates to high reliability in the field.

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