Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI installs 37 MW of solar in 2018

Solar developer Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI installed 37 MW of solar power in Rhode Island in 2018. Working with mayors and local leaders across the state, Southern Sky filled 80 acres of landfills and brownfields with solar arrays.

Pictured is an overhead shot of a solar array installed by Southern Sky Renewable RI. The company finished out 2018 with 37 MW of new solar projects completed. Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI

In 2018, the company signed solar land leases with farms on small-scale projects to provide land owners an additional source of income while producing clean energy for the grid; is piloting battery storage programs; and created scholarships for students to spark their interest in the field.

“The State of Rhode Island is a national leader in renewable energy. Southern Sky is proud to help make positive change for the climate and our environment in Rhode Island,” said Ralph A. Palumbo, president of Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI. “Our commitment to high quality has allowed us to work with cities and towns across Rhode Island and garnered investments from capital partners, like John Hancock, Captona Partners, and Seminol Financial.”

News item from Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI

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