New solar power technology will make residential solar power a necessity

The history of solar power can be compared to the closing scene in the World War II movie force Ten from Navarone when allied soldiers blew up a German dam. Immediately after the explosion, there appeared to be only superficial cracks in the dam wall but slowly the force of the water ripped the dam apart. So to will the force of the solar power revolution change the entire energy system in ways you may not have imagined yet. To date, the solar electricity revolution has only been evident in a handful of solar installations in your neighborhood, but this trickle of solar panel installations is about to become a flood.

The way we will produce electricity will never be the same again as solar power is now cheaper on a utility-scale than gas or coal. A utility-scale solar power plant can now be built and be economic selling its power at 4 cents per kWh. $40 per MWh is about what the marginal cost is to buy the coal or gas to generate electricity but clean energy.

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