Paradise Energy Solutions solar project makes Maryland school mostly powered by PV

Caroline County Public Schools recently energized a 100 kW solar system at their central office in Denton, Maryland. With this array, the school district now powers nine of its 16 buildings with solar energy, an accomplishment of which the school’s leadership is very proud.

Paradise Energy Solutions installed a 100-kW solar array on the central office of Caroline County Public Schools in Denton, Maryland. Paradise Energy Solutions

“Utility costs are a significant line item in our budget and that line item continues to grow as rates increase”, said Milton Nagel, assistant superintendent for Administrative Services. “Solar will help reduce our electric bills, allowing for those funds to be redirected to the classroom to the betterment of student achievement.”

The newest system is expected to save $11,695 in just the first year and over $330,000 over the system’s expected lifespan.

Installed by Salisbury-based Paradise Energy Solutions, the newest 412-panel system will produce 114,663 kWh of clean sustainable electricity in just the first year.

“Renewable clean energy solutions like solar are a component of environmental education,” Nagel said. “Teaching how to be good stewards of our planet is an important component and something everyone can get excited about.”

The school district is currently installing another 876 solar panels on its Support Services Office on Greensboro Road in Denton, which is expected to be completed and operational in the coming weeks.

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