Zenernet now using EagleView drone imaging for residential solar installs

Zenernet, a residential solar installation company, and EagleView, an aerial imagery and data analytics provider, have partnered to improve the measurement and design process for homeowners in the solar sales process. In the new partnership, EagleView will provide Zenernet with remote property measurements, removing the need for site visits and ensuring accurate estimates, plan sets and designs.

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EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery, including patented oblique imagery that is captured at a 45° angle to provide a three-dimensional view of the property, is accurate to within fractions of an inch. This accuracy lets solar installers streamline their workflows, with fewer changes to initial proposals and project plans.

“EagleView has the most accurate aerial imagery and property measurements available on the market today, and we are incredibly excited to partner with them to enable remote site visits that speed up the bid-to-installation timeline and ensure quality throughout the process,” said JP Gerken, CEO and founder of Zenernet. “EagleView’s remote property measurements are much more consistent and precise than hand-measuring, as well as any other solution on the market. Using property reports to enable a remote workflow is the future standard in residential solar installation, and EagleView is the superior option to help us differentiate our business.”

Zenernet will use EagleView reports, in the form of CAD files, to create plan sets and design residential PV systems. This process, which is entirely remote until the system install, reduces the number of necessary steps and optimizes both speed and overall design result.

“We’re focused on delivering the best customer experience in solar, and accuracy and efficiency are crucial to that effort,” Gerken said. “EagleView has become an essential part of our toolkit and our homeowners have enjoyed the benefits of greater speed and quality.”

“We’re thrilled about this partnership with Zenernet and the opportunity to supply our best-in-class property measurements within their workflow,” said Piers Dormeyer, president of construction and utilities at EagleView. “No longer are the days of dragging out installation timelines with site visits, hand measuring and changing estimates based on inaccurate information. This partnership brings homeowners the best innovations on the market, in an expedited workflow that puts the money in the installer’s pocket and the panels atop the roof faster.”

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