Smarter Grid Solutions software update allows for more flexible deployment of renewables

Energy software specialist Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) has responded to the growing demand for grid flexibility with the release of ANM Strata 3.1, the latest development of its flagship distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) product.

The launch comes at a time when changing energy use caused by lockdowns has highlighted the need for more flexibility from distributed energy resources (DERs).

Currently, the U.S.’s flexibility market is underdeveloped, meaning it is difficult for the grid to respond quickly to unexpected energy system changes.

The new version of SGS’ DERMS software will make it quicker and easier for utilities and DER fleet operators to deliver flexibility services. Thanks to enhanced cloud deployment capabilities, the product can be leveraged by a wider range of clean energy operators, including those managing resources in electric heating and cooling, renewable generation, energy storage and smart EV charging infrastructure.

To optimize flexibility services, the software has been reconfigured to facilitate more targeted control of different kinds of DERs. Dispatch instructions can now be allocated according to the type of DER unit and the level of flexibility required.

In addition, the real-time control of DERs has been upgraded to offer dynamic system configuration. Precise instructions can now be sent to individual DER units to specify the exact amount of power increment or decrement needed, making it easier to manage flexibility while keeping the grid within its limits.

“ANM Strata 3.1 is our answer to the high demand for more flexibility in the energy market,” said Euan Davidson, chief technology officer at SGS. “The updated software gives utilities and DER operators a very high level of control over their distributed energy assets, allowing precisely targeted instructions to be sent to individual units to increase or decrease power output. Such granular control will allow users to extract value from resources when demand is high and avoid unnecessary waste of energy when it is low.”

Strata 3.1 will support the integration of a larger number of clean energy assets to power grids, while improving the resilience of decentralized energy systems.

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