Trina Solar releases latest version of Vertex module line, now reaching 670 W

At the virtual 2021 PV Module Tech Conference, Trina Solar unveiled a new generation of its Vertex module line reaching 670 W for the Chinese solar market. The high-power solar panel has obtained IEC certification from the TÜV Rheinland after passing a complete reliability test, and the module has now begun mass production.

According to Dr. Zhang Yingbin, Trina Solar’s head of product strategy and marketing department, the 670-W Vertex series inherits the non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection and other high-precision technologies of the company’s G12 (210-mm) wafer modules. The multi-busbar and high-density interconnection improve the module efficiency to up to 21.6%, while the non-destructive cutting pioneered by Trina Solar significantly reduces the risks of cell microcrack and power loss.

The 670-W Vertex module is suitable for large-scale power plants, especially those sensitive to investment costs, since the larger modules reduce the number of BOS materials (trackers, piles, cables) needed to produce more power.

For 600-W series products, Trina Solar has innovated its packaging method to vertical placement, so that the width of the modules is no longer limited by the height of the container. Such packaging makes the best use of the container’s internal capacity. Compared with the traditional ways, the loading power increases by 12%, which introduces a 12% cost reduction in transportation. Factory packaging is completed by automatic equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Module pallets are closely arranged inside the container to avoid shaking.

As Dr. Zhang Yingbin said, “As a leader in the industry, Trina Solar has been driven by innovative, reliable quality and customer value. The ultra-high power Vertex 670W module launched this time reveals higher feasibility in reducing the BOS cost and LCOE, which will help achieve the renewable energy goals and accelerate the PV industry’s pace to embrace the era of grid parity. This is profound importance for China’s PV industry to once again lead the world.”

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