Ecoppia installs solar panel cleaning robots for AES project in California

Ecoppia announced that it has completed the installation of its panel-cleaning robots at a solar site in California operated by AES Clean Energy.

The site will feature the lightweight Ecoppia T4 solution, designed especially for single-axis trackers. The autonomous T4 robots operate nightly, cleaning large-scale solar arrays without the use of water, human operators or electricity — the robots are solar powered.

The environmentally friendly robots keep solar modules clean and functioning at peak productivity while saving millions of gallons of water, providing a truly sustainable approach to the operation and maintenance of solar modules.

“Innovation is a core competitive advantage for AES as we play a leading role in the growing solar market in the United States,” said Leo Moreno, president of AES Clean Energy. “By employing Ecoppia’s leading-edge robotic technology, AES will ensure year-round peak performance of our solar sites. We are confident Ecoppia’s solutions will further increase our competitiveness and bottom line.”

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