Anderson Optimization to launch nationwide distribution grid mapping platform

Solar siting and modeling software provider Anderson Optimization announced plans to launch a nationwide distribution grid mapping data solution on June 1, 2021. With the renewable energy industry’s increasing need for distribution grid mapping and the historical absence of this data, Anderson Optimization’s solution will deliver on a key need in the industry.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be the first company to offer distribution grid mapping anywhere in the U.S. It is by far our most commonly requested feature. Distribution grid mapping is a massive gap and needs in the renewable energy industry historically, so we are excited to finally deliver a product that solves this problem for our users,” said co-founder Jake Anderson. “When we pair distribution grid mapping with our already industry-leading land analysis and automated siting capabilities, we feel confident that we truly have the most fully-featured renewable siting platform on the market.”

The company currently helps installers complete early stage land siting activities and model projects to maximize value and minimize risk.

News item from Anderson Optimization

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