REC releases all-black Alpha modules with lead-free construction

REC Group has released an all-black version of its Alpha module line. Production on the REC Alpha Pure Black will begin in June 2021, with first deliveries expected in July.

With a gapless, half-cut cell layout, the REC Alpha Pure Black series reaches 405 W, with a lead-free construction. The REC Alpha Pure Black is based on REC’s Twin Design and the patented split cell and junction box technology.

The new REC Alpha Pure Black Series is eligible for the premium REC ProTrust warranty package, which offers up to 25 years coverage on product, performance and labor, with guaranteed power of at least 92% in year 25 of operation.

The REC Alpha Pure Black Series marks an important advancement on sustainability. REC has eliminated lead from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors and junction box soldering.

“The minimal environmental footprint is part of REC’s holistic commitment to corporate social responsibility,” explains Shankar G. Sridhara, Chief Technology Officer at REC Group. “Even today, a solar panel typically contains a small amount of lead in relation to its total weight. On a large scale, however, the impact is significant, particularly when solar panels are recycled at the end of their service life. To put this into perspective, last year alone, around 400 million solar panels were produced worldwide. If you fast forward a few decades into the future, the 2020 production is set to add around 10,000 tons of lead to the ecosystem. This means that customers choosing the REC Alpha Pure Black are doing even more for the environment than just producing clean energy.”

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