SunRaise completes one of the first community solar projects in Maine

One of the first net energy billing community solar projects in Maine is set to start producing clean energy this month. Community solar management platform PowerMarket has partnered with SunRaise, a New England solar energy developer, owner and operator, to bring this renewable energy option to Maine utility customers.

This 1.35-MW project sits on the roof of a local Maine business, Pine State Trading. Having just marked its 80th year in operation, this privately held family business has always been forward-thinking and was excited about the prospect of this project.

“We are very committed to making sure that generationally, we’re always looking forward. We’re always trying to improve our community. And we’re always trying to reduce our carbon footprint because we want to be best in class…We want to make sure that by being the first [community solar project in Gardiner, Maine], that we lead the way and we hope to support this vision for other businesses in our community,” said Gena Canning, Board of Directors at Pine State Trading.

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