Canadian Solar C&I inverters now equipped with Tigo Enhanced rapid shutdown capability

Tigo Energy announced that Canadian Solar has joined the Tigo Enhanced program. Tigo Enhanced makes a clear visual link between the inverter and rapid shutdown devices, giving customers simple, reliable and safe rapid shutdown solutions.

Customers that choose Tigo Enhanced Canadian Solar inverters get the assurance that they will work out of the box with Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices and meet safety code requirements.

“Tigo Enhanced is all about making it easier for our customers to get simple and reliable rapid shutdown solutions,” said Vincent Ambrose, GM of Canadian Solar North America. “Tigo is a leader in rapid shutdown and we are excited to be working with them to accelerate the adoption of commercial PV.”

Each of Canadian Solar’s inverters that participate in the Tigo Enhanced program have integrated Tigo RSS Transmitters, which work with Tigo’s industry leading TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F rapid shutdown devices. The inverters are also UL Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) certified with Tigo’s devices, which is required under the National Electrical Code. This program will enable Canadian Solar to enhance its system solutions capability and differentiate their suite of three-phase rooftop solutions on an enhanced LCOE basis.

The following inverters are included:

  • 25kW | CSI-25KTL-GS-FLB & CSI-25K-T480GL01-UB
  • 30kW | CSI-30KTL-GS-FLB & CSI-30K-T480GL01-UB
  • 36kW | CSI-36KTL-GS-FLB & CSI-36K-T480GL01-UB
  • 40kW | CSI-40KTL-GS-FLB & CSI-40K-T480GL01-UB
  • 50kW | CSI-50KTL-GS-B & CSI-50K-T480GL01-UB
  • 60kW | CSI-60KTL-GS-B & CSI-60K-T480GL01-UB
  • 66kW | CSI-66KTL-GS-B & CSI-66K-T480GL01-UB
  • 75kW | CSI-75K-T480GL02-U
  • 80kW | CSI-80K-T480GL02-U
  • 90kW | CSI-90K-T480GL02-U
  • 100kW | CSI-100K-T480GL02-U

“Canadian Solar is a leader in the industry and we are excited to be working with them to offer customers plug-and-play rapid shutdown solutions,” said Dru Sutton, Tigo’s VP of sales, North America.

Under the program, Canadian Solar will use a Tigo Enhanced label on the inverters and datasheets that integrate Tigo’s rapid shutdown technology.

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