Sunfig project feasibility tool joins Gibraltar family of product offerings

Solar software company Sunfig claims that its Instant Feasibility Tool (SIFT) can deliver a 5 to 15% increase in project returns for utility-solar developers. SIFT is a design, performance and financial modeling solution.

“SIFT is a powerful tool for change in the utility solar industry,” says Ashton Vandemark, Sunfig founder. “Since SIFT’s launch in 2017, we have seen customers achieve consistent 5 to 15% gain on internal rates of return (IRR), when compared to traditional project definition strategies. This helps smaller developers secure more capital and win more projects, while larger developers and owners reap greater value across their portfolio.”

SIFT allows users to model hundreds of layouts, conditions, performance goals, and financial scenarios to determine best project placement. SIFT uses data from the U.S. Geological Survey and Google Earth for topography studies and automated slope analyses. 

Sunfig joined Gibraltar’s Renewable Energy Group in December 2020. Combined with RBI Solar, TerraSmart and SolarBOS, SIFT brings intelligent project optimization to the group’s diverse mounting and BOS portfolio. 

News item from Sunfig

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