Soltec releases new tracker for modules in portrait orientation

Soltec today launched a new solar tracking system, SFOne, to the global market. The system allows for double rows in portrait orientation.

SFOne includes Dy-Wind technology, a methodology for wind-resistant tracking structure success, and the optimization of the company’s Diffuse Booster system for low-light conditions. The SFOne is a structure of lower height, which will help to reduce the visual impact of the plants where this new product is installed.

“The idea of launching this new SFOne producer on the market responds to the need to offer an optimal service to our clients, with a broad portfolio that provides solutions that adapt to their needs and to the terrain of the projects,” said Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec Power Holdings. “The new tracker consolidates our product portfolio, providing flexibility and versatility, and at the same time offering the quality guarantee of Soltec technology. We are convinced that it will be well received in the markets where we operate.”

News item from Soltec

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