Panel-level battery from Yotta Energy to pair with APsystem microinverter for commercial applications

The long-awaited release of the panel-level battery product from Yotta Energy has now found a microinverter partner in APsystems. Yotta Energy, which first brought its SolarLeaf battery that attaches behind solar panels in commercial settings to Solar Power International in 2018, will use APsystems technology in its Yotta DualPower Inverter (DPI) to further streamline the company’s plug-and-play offering when finally released to customers in 2022.

“We knew that partnering with an established industry leader in inverter technology would enable us to develop a seamless energy storage experience for our customers,” said Omeed Badkoobeh, CEO of Yotta Energy.

Yotta integrates a lithium-iron phosphate battery into flat-roof commercial racking in place of traditional concrete ballast. The Yotta DPI uses the technology from APsystems’ four-module QS1 microinverter, which can handle 1.2 kW of output power at 240 V. This will allow the Yotta system to be integrated with more powerful solar panels in commercial projects. The Yotta DPI meets California Rule 21 requirements, incorporates rapid shutdown, and works in single-phase and three-phase applications.

The SolarLeaf system, as described to Solar Power World in 2018, keeps its battery operating at ideal temperatures by using 100% passive thermal regulation. That means no extra energy is used to shield the small battery from hot and freezing temperatures — batteries are kept between 70°F and 100°F.

“Partnering with Yotta Energy provides commercial solar customers with a cost-effective and efficient inverter option to pair with their innovative energy storage technology,” said Ryan Davies, National Head of Sales and Operations at APsystems. “Reliability is key for creating distributed energy assets. We are happy to help the Yotta Energy team in providing a full solution that’s capable of creating dispatchable energy resources.”

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