Solar Power World presents the 2021 Top Solar Champions

In acknowledgement of the 10th anniversary of Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors list, the editorial team proudly recognizes four individuals for Top Solar Champions awards. These special awards highlight four individuals working at Top Solar Contractor companies who have gone the extra mile in their jobs and solar advocacy efforts.

Congratulations to this year’s winners, and you can read more about their accomplishments in the links below.

2021 Top Solar Advocate

Sarah Wochos, senior director of policy and business development, Borrego

The Top Solar Advocate award is given to an individual who helped move the needle on local, state or national solar policy efforts. Read more about Sarah’s winning advocacy efforts here.

2021 Top Solar Installer

Shawn Reynolds, commercial construction manager, Solar Impact

The Top Solar Installer award is given to an individual who goes above and beyond to ensure superior customer satisfaction in physical installations. Read more about Shawn’s installation expertise here.

2021 Top Solar Designer

Omkar Bhandakkar, solar PV design engineer, GreenBrilliance

The Top Solar Designer award is given to an individual who navigated major hurdles to get a recent solar system sold, designed and approved. Read more about Omkar’s tremendous designing and installation efforts here.

2021 Top Solar Changemaker

Kate Gold, director of community engagement, Solar Landscape

The Top Solar Changemaker award is given to an individual who worked to increase solar jobs and installation access to underrepresented populations and/or made a significant difference in the local community in regards to solar education and acceptance. Read more about how Kate is supporting her local solar market here.

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