Bright Power installs 917-kW solar project on affordable housing complex rooftop in the Bronx

Taconic Partners and Clarion Partners hosted a conference and reception on Tuesday, July 20, to celebrate the completion of their solar power project at their flagship Quality Communities property, Eastchester Heights, in the Bronx.

“We’re very proud of this project and the positive impact it will not only have on the environment, but also the Bronx community,” said Andrew Schwartz, VP of residential asset management at Taconic. “We are committed to being a part of a solution to fight climate change and look forward to exploring solar and other sustainable technologies for more of our properties.”

Taconic and Clarion contracted Bright Power, an energy and water management consulting and construction company, to design and install 917 kW of solar at their flagship Quality Communities property in the Bronx.

“Bright Power applauds Taconic and Clarion’s commitment to clean, renewable energy. A solar installation of this magnitude sets an example for other real estate owners” said Jeff Perlman, CEO of Bright Power. “Taconic and Clarion are making the Bronx more sustainable while they preserve high-quality affordable workforce housing. It’s a win for the Bronx, Eastchester Heights residents and the environment.”

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