Meyer Burger enters solar shingle market

Swiss solar panel technology company Meyer Burger announced it has acquired intellectual property from an unnamed Germany PV company and plans to soon offer roof-integrated solar systems.

Meyer Burger, which was a long-time producer of heterojunction technology (HJT) manufacturing equipment for major solar module brands, announced earlier this year that it will also begin making its own traditional solar modules at a German manufacturing facility.

“Integrated solar roof systems still represent a market niche today. With our novel solar tile solution, we plan to take roof-integrated solutions out of the niche and into a larger market. It thus perfectly complements our portfolio of premium solar products and is another logical step within our growth strategy,” said Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger. “There is a huge dormant potential for rooftop photovoltaics today because in many situations, standard modules are not an option for various reasons, but existing roof-integrated solutions do not represent a satisfactory solution for the customer either. Our heterojunction HJT/SmartWire technology combined with a sophisticated roof-tile system integration now enables a truly unique product.”

The company stated it plans to provide integrated solar systems for existing and new-build residential/sloped rooftops. The new product should launch at Intersolar Europe later this year, which first deliveries scheduled for the second half of 2022.

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