Samuel Engineering uses Mechatron dual-axis trackers as carports in 332-kW solar project

Samuel Engineering faced a utility-imposed 500 kW cap for the amount of solar it could install at its company headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado and complement an existing 140-kW rooftop array, Samuel chose to install a 332-kWDC carport using Mechatron Solar dual-axis trackers.

Credit: Mechatron Solar

“Because we are owner-operators of 5.5 MW of solar around the country, we wanted to maximize yield, yet minimize the ongoing O&M, meaning fewer structures were desirable,” said Dave Thorne, a project manager at the multi-disciplinary engineering firm.

The Samuel array includes nine tracker units with 90 panels each, using 410-W Trina panels and SMA Core1 inverters. Each of the trackers supports 1,830 sq ft of solar panels on a single mast. Samuel performed the design of the array apart from the foundations, which were designed by Mechatron.

“We needed an elevated solution because of trees, but wanted fewer columns and parking disruption, so after we looked at various designs for solar parking lots, we chose Mechatron,” Thorne said. “A lot of mining clients have a high demand in remote areas, which the Mechatron solution could serve,” Thorne observes. The company also has a commercial architecture group, and “commercial buildings could also use this solution.”

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