Fluke’s new thin-jaw Clamp Meter rated for 1,500-V solar power applications

Fluke’s 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex

Fluke Corporation has introduced the Fluke 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex, a 1,500 V CAT III, IP54 rated, thin jaw clamp meter. With its CAT III 1,500-V / CAT IV 600-V safety rating, the 393 FC provides exceptional safety for work in DC environments up to 1,500 volts, like solar arrays, wind power, electric railways and datacenter battery banks for uninterruptible power supplies. The thin jaw allows it to be used in combiner boxes, inverters and tight spaces, making it ideal for solar energy applications.

The meter measures up to 1,500 VDC, 1,000 VAC and up to 999.9 ADC or AC through the clamp jaw. The included iFlex flexible current probe extends AC current measurements up to 2,500 amps. When measuring AC current, the iFlex probe can be twisted through extremely small spaces, giving technicians access to cables that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to clamp a probe around.

“The Fluke 393 FC delivers unparalleled safety and performance in 1,500-VDC environments, like solar energy,” said Susan Isaac, product manager for the Fluke 393. “It was designed specifically to address the unique challenges solar technicians deal with every day and help them get their jobs done faster and safer.”

The Fluke 393 FC features:

  • IP54 rating for dust and water making it ideal for work outdoors on solar arrays and wind power systems.
  • DC power measurement, showing readings in kVA.
  • Audio and Visual Polarity to ensure photovoltaic panels are properly installed with the help of an audio beep and a light to indicate correct polarity.
  • Visual Continuity that provides a bright green indicator light in the display for working in dark and noisy environments.
  • Logging, sharing and reporting of test results via Fluke Connect software.

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